cat video | How to create a gingerbread cat house for christmas – DIY

This post contains ad because I am promoting my own YouTube channel. Haste makes waste, right? And finally it’s online. My first YouTube video. Well it went online nearly 2 weeks ago (6.12.). There was jsut no time to tell you…or write this post. Why? Because right now I am working on the second video […]

catwalk die bengalkatze auf seinem natural paradise kratzbaum

a Catwalk for our Bengal Kitten – Cat Walk | DIY

Update: I decided to write a detailed Catwalk-Post, because the DIY-Video-Tutorial is with more than 6.000 clicks the most popular one on my channel. Hope you love the written-version as much as the clip. Watch the Catwalk-DIY-Video HIER!   It’s monday, which means it’s time for another CATURDAAAAaaaaay! Today I show you my very first […]

Catlady and the adventure cat | Amely Rose and Catwalk

*thank you so much fat jellyfish for the amazing pictures!! * Photos: by Frédéric Sapart It’s wednesday or should I say CATURDAY? Time for some #catcontent. We had to take a break for some time and weren’t able to shoot, because we had some problems with his (Cat Walk’s) fluffy tummy. This meant, no tasty […]